Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control

About Mosquito’s

The mosquitoes are a family of small, midge-like flies: the Culicidae. The word mosquito (formed by mosca and diminutive ito) is from the Spanish or Portuguese for “little fly”.

Although a few species are harmless or even useful to humanity, most are a nuisance because they consume blood from living vertebrates, including humans. The females of many species of mosquitoes are blood-eating pests.

In feeding on blood, some of them transmit extremely harmful human and livestock diseases, such as malaria, yellow fever and filariasis. Some authorities argue accordingly that mosquitoes are the most dangerous animals on Earth.

Like all flies, mosquitoes go through four stages in their life cycle: egg, larva, pupa, and adult or imago. In most species, adult females lay their eggs in stagnant water; some lay eggs near the water’s edge; others attach their eggs to aquatic plants.


Mosquito Control

North River Pest and Wildlife exterminates millions of mosquitoes each year with our Mosquito Control Service Programs. We have home maintenance programs and special event applications to fit your needs.

Home Maintenance Programs

  • Adult & Larval Mosquito Control
  • Mosquito Barrier Of Entire Property
  • Fully Warrantied Throughout The Season
  • Complete Protection

Special Event Applications

  • Adult Mosquito Control
  • Fairs, Concerts & Special Events
  • Backyard BBQ’s, Parties & Weddings
  • Corporate Events

For more information or to get a quote for service, please fill out the form to the right or call North River Pest & Wildlife at 339-244-4507.

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